Meet Tiffani Jackson, Recruiting Assistant

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of our team, Tiffani Jackson! Tiffani is a recruiting assistant who started with Abbey Placements this month.

Currently a student at ISU, Tiffani is hoping to become more knowledgeable about running a business—particularly the hiring process. (She’s come to the right place!) Her long-term entrepreneurial ambition is to run a minority media company.

Tiffani founded a student organization at ISU called Onyx Connect, which currently has 25 members. The campus news outlet is dedicated to promoting black and minority student excellence in the form of entrepreneurial, artistic, and business-related enterprises. (Check them out on Instagram.) Her dream is to expand this organization to multiple campuses in the U.S. 

One of the lessons Tiffani says she has learned in her first few weeks on the job is how important it is to have a good resume. “A lot of people my age don’t really take it seriously,” she noted. But that can hurt them in the long-run.

Her advice for any job-seeker is to “be a visionary.” Look past your current circumstances and think about how your work history can affect your career. Gaps in your resume, frequent job changes and poor references make you less likely to land the job you want. Work on your reputation as an employee now to ensure job security in a career you want in the future.

Great advice, Tiffani! You’re a valuable addition to our office.