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Any staffing agency can interview and send workers to you. We have a range of programs we individualize for you that are designed to get the best workers for your particular need. These programs can be set to bring reliable workers on an on-again, off-again need to you or to provide long term reliable workers for your ongoing needs.

Bill Rates

Our bill rate provides for the payroll, federal and state taxes, and the workers compensation on all workers assigned to your company. Our goal is to provide excellent workers into a safe environment. We partner with your company to maintain a safe work site as we offer industry best standards. Our staff has been trained by a large, national risk management company. We bring that expert training to you at no additional cost and very competitive bill rates.


We can design programs and implement changes for you quickly and effectively. We do not have to go through ‘corporate offices’ located in some other state to get approval to take care of your needs. Our ownership and management is all local so we bring unmatched flexibility to you and your company’s needs.

Hiring Temps Bloomington IL


Temporary Assignments

Having a contingency workforce simultaneously enhances a company’s ability to meet deadlines and keep expenses low. Abbey Placements can manage a group of temporary employees able to work on the days that you need them for the duration of time that you need them. And if you decide to hire one or more of the workers, we are happy to change the terms of the assignment to accommodate your needs.


Term-to-Perm Assignments

Hiring temp-to-perm allows a company the freedom to onboard new employees after a trial period. Workers and employers get a chance to decide if the assignment is successful and if it will be a good long-term match before committing to each another. Whether a short or long trial period, hire new employees at the right time.

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Contract Assignments in Bloomington IL


Contract Assignments

By hiring workers on long-term contract assignments, companies can outsource many of their human resource functions and streamline their internal operations. Abbey Placements manages payroll services including all taxes, insurances, and required deductions. We also provide ACA compliant benefits including major medical health insurance, dental, term life insurance, short-term disability, paid holidays, paid vacation, and retirement plans at an all-inclusive rate.


Direct Hire & Permanent Assignments

Sometimes the best option is to hire new employees directly. Abbey Placements started in 1982 placing only permanent assignments and remains a local industry expert. Let us recruit top talent for your company and invoice you only if you hire our candidates.
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